Un Matrimonio in stile Hygge sulle Dolomiti

Dicembre 31, 2019

Ti piacerebbe un Matrimonio in stile Hygge?

To elopement, is when two lovers run away to a place of their dreams…. And Mirco and Lucrezia have chosen the snowy Dolomites, a small lake and a lot of magic for their vows.
What better setting than a romantic Chalet overlooking the banks of Lake Antorno just below the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the midsts of Winter.

The season and scenery were perfect to be inspired by the Hygge style…..
This is a Danish word that contains the secret of happiness, and it includes simplicity, intimacy, warmth …. the lighting of candles, a well-lit fire ….. a blanket for two.
The joy of gathering together with a few close friends and enjoying the pleasures of life. All that refers to the atmosphere of home, wood, leather,  fur blankets and candles.

Mirko and Lucrezia are a very young couple, happy and full of adventure, so they defied the heavy snow fall and allowed themselves be conquered by the hushed silence of the Dolomites.

They left early in the morning for an excursion into the forest to enjoy the sun rising from behind the mountains and flooding the snow-covered valley with its light. Nature greets this silent dawn and is the only testimony to the exchange of their vows.
Changeable weather conditions, from a hot and blinding sun, to the fog coming down to cover them like a blanket and finally heavy snowfall! They were able to enjoy an all-round experience of this area.

Higge Dolomiti Mountains Wedding

The perfect moment for the Bride to change wardrobe: first into a Maggie Sottero outfit with embroidered bodice and chiffon, softer and more comfortable, worn with snow boots and a quilted jacket.

Accompanied by a “freestyle” bouquet of Amnesia roses, buttercups, hellebore, syringe, fritillaria, willow and ruscus, favouring the natural shades of wood, burgundy and light pink. The Bridegroom’s buttonhole was made up of pink hellebore.

For the excursion, we prepared a travel bottle with leather case and a fleece blanket tied by a harness with leather straps.
They walked along paths in the woods, immersed in the surreal silence, gentle… with an old sledge decorated with the same selection of flowers (family memory), a touching and jolly concession to childhood memories which fill these areas … they wanted to explore every hidden and suggested corner .
And then suddenly, here it is! A pile of logs that the loggers have deposited, which make a natural backdrop, that leaves you breathless!
Later in the evening they returned to the warm wooden chalet … and here a change of wardrobe for the Bride into an elegant chiffon dress with wide sleeves by Rosa Clarà Couture.

If you liked this proposal contact me: we will realize your wedding in Hygge style


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