Unconventional wedding: Picnic wedding party

Giugno 10, 2019

Throwing back to one year ago with our first Picnic Wedding Party! Very common in the USA, but our Italian traditions are very strong and well-established …

It was a great challenge that  we finally won! All the guests were pleasantly surprised and it was amazing how they enjoyed Chiara and Emanuele’s wedding in a casual, but elegant way.

Matrimonio boho tappeti alfresco dinner

Sometimes it happens I throw a dream in the air , like a coin, and someone picks it up.

I have been dreaming for a long time a Picnic wedding Party…

then Chiara and Emanuele asked me for their unconventional wedding.

So, our dreams embraced each other and came to life.

I must admit that people around us had so many doubts: “Will it be uncomfortable?

Will guests appreciate it? We believed in it, despite everything.

al fresco dinner lights lounge

Lounge Wedding Party… There’s no impossible dream, but dreamers who give up. Nothing couldn’t stop my project, even though this Villa hadn’t neither electricity nor water!

I like challenges, I like helping the most brave bride and groom and everyone who has big dreams.

How much big are your dreams?

Contact me, we’ll make them together!


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